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At Concord Pools & Spa, we want to make sure that you have years of problem free enjoyment of your Concord swimming pool, spa or sauna. We'll use our Help and Support section to post easy to follow articles, videos and documents to help you with your maintenance and trouble shooting of common items.

Should you require more help, please feel free to call our maintenance department at (518) 783-8976 to schedule our certified experts for a home visit.

Basic Equipment Run Down

Reading Your Pressure Gauge

Cleaning Pump

How to Operate a Heater By Pass

Adjusting Chlorine Production on Intellitouch

Hooking Up your Vacuum Cleaner (Part 1)

Top 10 Things That Will Negatively Effect Pool Water Chemistry

What makes good pool and spa water go bad so quickly? Unfortunately, most anything in the environment can throw off your pool and spa water chemistry.

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Pool Opening

1. Start removing excess debris & water as ice begins to melt through spring. If you don’t have a safety cover leave 1 – 2 inches of water to keep the cover from blowing off.

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Backwash Your Pool

Multiport Valve

Adjusting Temperature On Your Heater

Salt Generator Indicator Lights

How to Add Salt to A Pool

Hooking Up your Vacuum Cleaner (Part 2)