A Better Pool Wall

Concord Pools has installed 10,000 pools since 1972, and we've learned what works and what doesn't.
The Ultimate Pool Wall
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Specifically designed for the harsh northeast climate and ground conditions, our structural design resin wall systems will provide generations of carefree pool ownership and cannot rust or corrode what so ever.

With the help of companies such has GE Plastics, Dow Research and The Plastics Institute of America, we have engineered and developed the most advanced vinyl liner pool system in the world.

The key to choosing the right pool for your family is quite basic. Let your common sense be your guide. Today our lives are surrounded by and include design resin products on a regular basis. From household items to your automobile, from your motorcycle helmet to your golf clubs, right down to the bullet proof glass at the drive-thru teller, structural design resin continues to make your life better and more secure.

When considering an inground pool, one must realize this is an addition to your home. It should be an asset, not a liability. By choosing a pool constructed from the right materials, you will have made that choice.

Okay, we know what you're thinking...how did we determine, or what qualifies us to choose what the absolute best material to be used in Northeaster US pool construction?

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A Great Question!

From 1972 to the late 80's, Concord Pools was one of the largest steel pool builders in the country. We watched the quality of steel pools decline, and knew for us it was time to re-engineer and reinvented the swimming pool as we know it. Tens of thousands of experienced man hours under our belt, having installed more pools than ALL other local pool companies combined.

We learned from experience, what works and what doesn't!
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Utilizing modern technology by partnering with industry leaders, we were able to design, engineer and manufacture our structural resin pool system, thus advancing our company into the new millennium.

The key to a perfect Installation

Our Structural Design Resin pool system, our patented I-Brace support system, liners, steps, sun ledge, ladders, fillers, safety covers and components are all made locally by a single manufacturer. This eliminates the need for "field fitting" many different components supplied by various suppliers from around the country. Thus voiding each other's warranties in most cases.

Our entire pool comes from a single supplier, which allows for a perfect fit, a perfect pool... the first time.

Our Structural Design Resin Pool System "vs" the Competition
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While deciding on a pool for your family we strongly urge you to be more concerned and discriminating with your choice of a qualified company rather than the materials used... and here's why!

Choosing a solid and established organization will undoubtedly assure you are going to receive the finest materials available automatically. It's simply a bonus of choosing the right company.

For nearly 40 years Concord has been the undisputed leader in the inground pool construction business in upstate New York. We have designed, developed and installed our pool systems in thousands of local backyards. The development of our pool system is based upon decades of experience and knowing what works and what does not. By making all the possible mistakes and learning from them.

Let's Take a Look..
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Steel Pools came into being during the post W.W. II era. They were easy to manufacture, inexpensive and could be installed by most do-it-yourselfers. 1950's technology at best. Sad to say, not much has changed over the last 60 years. And the market share of steel wall packaged pools has significantly declined as the industry turns to more advanced and stronger non-corrosive materials. Not only in pool walls, but pumps and filters too!

Did you know?
  • Steel Pools Rust. All of them.
  • Locally there are several companies selling the same steel pool wall produced by a single manufacturer. Different brochures, different names, same pool. All of these being advertised with thousands of dollars in pricing variation. Basically a "What the market will bear" approach the same outdated product.
  • Steel Pool Bracing (Photo above) that utilize turnbuckles are not in YOUR best interest and certainly not a wise choice. They are used to permanently "bend" the top of the steel pool walls which become misaligned during pool construction. Once the concrete footing dries, the turnbuckles push the walls in or out to make wall "appear" straight. Common sense leads us to believe that other than the top, the rest of the walls remain undoubtedly bent and distorted, all of which is greatly magnified, due to shadowing, in the event you choose to install in-pool lighting.