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Aquatic Training Vessels

V150P Swim Spa

Aquatic Training Vessels™, a division of Marquis Corp., were brought to market in 2014 and have since earned a loyal following among competitive athletes and recreational swimmers alike. Whether you want the ultimate challenge or the ultimate escape, ATV™ swim spas are the perfect complement to your backyard oasis or vacation property.

About V150P Swim Spa

The Vector21 Series V150P is a huge party spa combining the features of a hot tub and swim spa in one space-age vessel. This unique hybrid design features eight massage seats with world-class hydrotherapy, as well as two explosive Whitewater-4 jets in the foot well for powerful leg and foot massage. Equipped with three additional Whitewater-4 jets at the swim end, you will enjoy aquatic fitness with the fully-adjustable flow control. Add a single tether or optional rowing kit for even more workout variations. Gather your friends and family and get your party on!

The V150P is a next-generation vessel with the Vector Optimized Laminar Therapy (V-O-L-T™) System, V3 throttle control, and futuristic Jetpods that put you in full command of your experience. The same Whitewater-4 jets found in ATV swim-training models add powerful hydrodynamic flow. The length and true 43 inch (109cm) swim depth allow recreational swimmers full range of motion and plenty of splash area for kids and kids-at-heart.

10 person hybrid swim spa and party vessel.

For more information, please contact our sales department.


V150P Swim Spa Specifications

  • Size:
    150" x 90" x 50"
  • Weight (Dry / Full):
    1,800 lbs / 9,723 lbs
  • Water Depth:
  • Ozonator:
    Corona discharge
  • Therapy Seats:
    8 multi-level seats
  • Filtration:
    dual filtration, 100 sq. ft.
  • Synthetic Exterior:
    Barnwood or Chestnut
  • Interior:
    Frost White with Ocean Blue or Sky Blue trim
  • Water Capacity:
    950 gallons
  • Electrical:
    240V, 60 Hz, 50 amp
  • Control Panel:
    Easy access interior facing, end located
  • Skimmers:
    2 integrated cover/LED lit
  • Insulation:
    Full foam
  • Swim Tether Kit:

V150P Swim Spa Model Features

  • 8 multi-level massage seats
  • 5 Whitewater-4 jets
  • V-O-L-T™ System
  • V3 throttle control
  • 1 two-speed 160 GPM pump
  • 1 two-speed 360 GPM pump

V150P Swim Spa Options

  • Audio System:
    Bluetooth, 2 surface speakers
  • Audio Options:
    Audio port, RF audio control kit
  • Interior Lighting:
    Starlight™ LED lights
  • Rowing System:
    Resistance & Rowing Kit
  • ATV Steps:
    Barnwood or Chestnut (left or right side)
  • Cover Lifts:
    2 Cover Companions™
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    ControlMySpa™ RF