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Babcock Ranch, Florida

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Offering Luxury Fiberglass Pools

To The Babcock Ranch Community

Concord of Babcock

Contact Our Babcock Ranch Team to get started with your Luxury Concord Pool.

Why Choose a Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools are highly durable and very efficient to install. Because they’re pre-engineered, the entire installation process can be completed quickly. Once your fiberglass pool is delivered to your home, you can start enjoying your new pool in as little as three days.

When comparing fiberglass pools vs concrete (gunite) pools can take approximately three to six months to install. Fiberglass is factory-made while concrete pools need to be poured on-site, which can not only increase time to complete, but keep your yard in disarray for a much longer period of time. One of the most time consuming parts of the concrete process is that it requires between 28 to 30 days for the material to cure.

When you Choose Concord of Babcock...

You get a pool from North America's Largest Designer and Manufacturer of Inground Pools!

A pool is more than a place to relax and rejuvenate. It transforms a backyard into a welcoming extension of the home, offering another space to entertain friends and family – and to make many happy memories through the years. That’s why, when it comes to quality, selection, simplicity and support, Concord only offers pools manufactured by Latham - "The Pool Company".

Latham is the largest designer, manufacturer and marketer of inground residential swimming pools in North America, Australia and New Zealand with over six decades of experience at the center of the backyard lifestyle. Every day, families around the world enjoy the Latham pool experience. And each year, thousands more join them.


  • Luxury Fiberglass Pools
  • Quick installation – if you are looking for a quick install, fiberglass pools can be up and running in as little as 2-3 days.
  • Low maintenance – fiberglass is a smooth, nonporous surface so algae will not stick to the walls. While there will still be algae in fiberglass pool water, it will not be on the walls. This means less time cleaning and less money spent on chemicals.
  • Durability – fiberglass pools are resilient to normal wear and tear, as well as elements like sun and harsh weather, meaning they should not need major repairs down the road.
  • Range of sizes – fiberglass pool sizes can be built as small as 10×16 – 4ft and as large as 16×40
  • Lower cost – depending on your preference for shape and size, fiberglass pools inclusive of equipment can range from $59,995-$70k. This is often a lower cost option compared with a custom gunite pool.

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