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Choosing a

Vinyl Liner Pool

A Concord Pool is a true extension of its owners’ personality, whether they entertain friends or associates, throw parties or just have family get togethers. A Concord Pool combines innovative design with years of maintenance free quality. The latest technology. The greatest durability. The most complete palette of shapes and sizes and options that are backed by a lifetime warranty.

What is a

Vinyl Liner Pool

Vinyl liner swimming pools are popular across the region, boasting gorgeous features suited to any climate or lifestyle. Affordable, stylish, and fast to construct, vinyl liner swimming pools are a solid investment your family and guests will enjoy for years.

Vinyl liner inground pools are custom made and constructed with durable, long-lasting materials. They can be installed faster than other pool types and are built to withstand factors that can cause wear and tear to a pool like sunlight, water and chemicals.

Vinyl Liner Pool Shapes

From classic rectangle pools to curved designs like Odessy and Mountain Lake, find or design the perfect pool shape and design for your backyard and your lifestyle.

Because vinyl liner pools can be customized, they’re a popular choice for homeowners. You can choose from a number of shapes, sizes, liner patterns and features to create your own design and add custom features and add-ons like pool steps to create a truly unique backyard experience.

You dream it, we build it.

Unlike other pool types, vinyl liner swimming pools can be designed to fit into virtually any type of backyard. If you have a narrow space or an irregularly-shaped backyard, you can still build your dream pool.

From classic rectangle pools to curved designs like Odessy and Mountain Lake, find or design the perfect pool shape and design for your backyard and your lifestyle.

An inground vinyl liner pool truly lets you create a custom backyard experience. Latham’s modular vinyl liner pool system provides the flexibility to create a custom shape that fits your space and your style, whether you’re building a new pool or are in the process of adding custom add-ons while replacing your existing pool’s vinyl liner.

Patented I-Beam Brace

The Concord® Pools Patended I-Beam Brace is recognized around the world as the strongest and most technologically advanced wall and deck support in the industry, the Concord® I-Brace Has No Equal!

Our polymer wall system is made from totally non-corrosive materials. This contributes to longer liner life due to reduced wall abrasion. Polymer wall pools are also ideal for saltwater systems.

Steel Pool Bracing VS I-Beam Brace

There are tons of live weight load from the pool deck and surrounding soils, which constantly press down and inward on any pool walls. We knew there was a better way, using modern technology, to distribute this weight, so we took the load off the walls and placed it onto the rock solid, broad shoulders of a series of concrete filled I-beam braces. These I-beam braces surround the perimeter of the pool and the cavern beneath your steps.

Absolutely no weight rests on the pool walls of a Concord® I-Beam Pool System. The "live load" is evenly distributed over the entire support system from the braces right down to the concrete footings, as in bridge construction.

A Better Pool Wall

Specifically designed for the harsh northeast climate and ground conditions, our structural design resin wall systems will provide generations of carefree pool ownership and cannot rust or corrode what so ever.

With the help of companies such has GE Plastics, Dow Research and The Plastics Institute of America, we have engineered and developed the most advanced vinyl liner pool system in the world.

Concord’s durable walls are constructed in a modular and highly flexible way, so your pool can be designed and modified any way you might need it to be.

When considering an inground pool, one must realize this is an addition to your home. It should be an asset, not a liability. By choosing a pool constructed from the right materials, you will have made that choice.

Our Structural Design Resin pool system, our patented I-Brace support system, liners, steps, sun ledge, ladders, fillers, safety covers and components are all made locally by a single manufacturer. This eliminates the need for "field fitting" many different components supplied by various suppliers from around the country. Thus voiding each other's warranties in most cases.

Quality Pool Liners

Every Concord® Pool liner comes with Ultra-Seam® technology standard.

With Ultra-Seam, nothing can detract from the beauty of your pool, and you never have to worry about unsightly lines or seams on your pool floor. Latham is the only swimming pool company that offers Ultra-Seam technology giving you the ability to create your ideal picture-perfect pool.

Liners are available in numerous patterns. Choosing one you enjoy is important since the liner defines the look and feel of your pool.

**All Vinyl liner graphics are for illustration purposes only. It is recommended to view an actual sample before ordering your liner. Color may vary from what appears below.

Manufacturer reserves the right to change liner selections without notice.

Pool Steps & Features

Every inground swimming pool should feature a durable entry system.

Entry steps make swimming safer while enhancing your inground pool’s beauty and comfort. We offer a number of inground pool step options including vinyl-over steel, vinyl-over polymer, thermoplastic and acrylic pool steps.

Complete your pool with custom inground pool entry steps by Latham — a trusted industry leader with more than 60 years of experience. We can tailor unique pool stair designs to pools in any style or size, including built-in and drop-in designs in polymer or steel. Made using the finest materials and backed by industry-leading warranties, our pool stairs are proudly built to last.

Yes, pool steps can be added to any inground swimming pool. There are several types of inground swimming pool stairs to choose from, such as drop-in steps and built-in steps. Swimming pool stairs can be constructed from a wide range of materials, such as fiberglass, steel, and polymer, which each have unique pros and cons. Our pool and spa professionals can help you make a decision that fits your needs, your budget, and your sense of style.

Coping & Water Features

A swimming pool deck is so much more than a few planks of wood or composite. Pool surround decking options can also double as works of architectural beauty, creating the perfect backdrop for your next cookout, barbecue, or dinner party.

Pool coping and decking bring life to your whole backyard, transforming your pool from a place to swim to a place where everyone comes together.

Whether simple or ornate, no pool surround decking options would be complete without coping, which is an unfamiliar term to most first-time pool owners. Put simply, inground pool coping is the frame around the edge or lip of your pool. Though coping and decking are often paired, the coping is both functionally and visually distinct from the rest of the deck, which is a separate structure. In fact, some pool owners choose high-contrast coping and decking materials, such as pale limestone and dark wood, to create a look that’s both dramatic and contemporary.

You can enhance your Vinyl Liner Pool with a number of options from Coping, Slides, Water Features, LED Lighting.

Ask your Concord Pools Vinyl Liner Pool Specialist about all the available options and features.

Featured Vinyl Pool



Vinyl Liner Pool
Some say the rectangle is the perfect shape for designing any backyard masterpiece. Always autocover friendly and ready for any step, bench or tanning ledge configuration of your dreams. It’s a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the fun place to be.

Size & Specs: 14×28, 16×32, 16×36, 18×36, 20×40
Shape: Rectangle

Mountain Lake II

Vinyl Liner Pool
Ahhh. It’s hard to beat the calm and comfort contours of a Mountain Lake freeform pool. It’s a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the fun place to be.

Size & Specs: 14×28, 16×32, 17×36, 20×40
Shape: Modern Freeform


Vinyl Liner Pool
Escape to your oasis and let the tides of this popular freeform design ebb and flow through your senses. It’s a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the fun place to be.

Size & Specs: 14×28, 16×32, 17×36, 20×40
Shape: Modern Freeform

Full L

Vinyl Liner Pool
A Full-L design is ideal for any yard with plenty of space to swim and countless options for a step or bench. Perfect for parties, it’s a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the fun place to be.

Size & Specs: 14×28, 16×32, 18×36, 20×40
Shape: Rectangle
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