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Pool Remodeling

Give your existing pool a new modern look. Let us revitalize your outdated pool. Options include liner replacements, safety and automatic pool covers, new hardware and components, ambient lighting, saltwater conversions, automation, decking & patios, step upgrades, and water features.


Full control of your pool at the touch of your finger. Set pool filtration cycles, water temperature, adjust your salt pool's chlorine levels, and monitor your pool anywhere in the world!


Spice up your pool's night life with our Enhanced LED Lighting, energy efficient colored and white lights produce more vibrant lighting while using less energy. Colored LED Lighting now features the Magical Mood Setting giving a unique glow of nighttime possibilities across a full color spectrum.

Vinyl Liners

Time to upgrade that faded, old, outdated, leaking liner! Using some of today's most advanced technology with the Ultra Seam (invisible seam) Liners and Tread-Tex Material matching texture on over-vinyl steps.

Step Replacement

Time to make life a little easier. Are you tired of not getting the full use of your pool? When replacing the liner, this would be the perfect time to also replace or upgrade your existing steps.

Pool Decking

Old, discolored, sinking concrete. If your pool decking is showing signs of aging and wear, this would be an ideal time to reframe your pool with new brushed, colored, or stamped concrete decking.


Updating the coping around your pool can change the entire look of a pool but also serve a valuable purpose to the function of the liner. When the deck is removed, we can install a standard aluminum bullnose coping using white or gray material color. A custom look can also be achieved with Cantilever Coping to reveal a beautiful, natural pool edge.


Address damaged or compressed pipe, deal with underground leaks from bad winterization practices, or termite damage. Now is the time to address these concerns and rethink the way your pool circulates; replace that worn skimmer, or add an extra return to get the best performance from your pool.

Water Features

Introduce a third dimension to your pool enjoyment with a slide, jet streams, or the sound of cascading water from sheer descents.

Salt Water System

Take back your time, don't let your pool run your life. Enjoy a clean, safe, and sanitary pool every day of the week with little effort. Low consistent chlorination done automatically with the salt chlorine generator system.

Update Equipment

Replacing your old, outdated filter, noisy pump, low efficiency heater, deteriorated valves and plumbing can cut down on your time spent on general maintenance. You'll be able to enjoy a clean and more efficient pool experience.

Pool Covers

A perfect way to protect your pool and your family, Concord Pools & Spas offer both winter safety and automatic pool covers. Whether you want to replace your worn, damaged safety cover or purchase a cover for the first time, we've got you covered!

Concrete Pool Base

Often the cause for more severe problems with your pool, aged concrete can replaced with a new form, allowing for installation of new water lines and drains.

At Concord Pools, we understand that each pool remodeling project has its unique challenges. Our Inground Pool Specialists have been installing and repairing pools for over 50 years, and will work with you to come up with the best solution.

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