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David & Tanya

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you and any of your future customers how happy and satisfied we are with our pool and all the service/dealings we had with Concord. Starting from the first time I stepped into you Latham showroom looking for a spa and pool, salesman Michael Minogue and Jeff Kaufer took the time to listen and truly understand what I was looking for in both. After explaining to Jeff I had lower back issues and was looking for hydrotherapy relief from a spa, he thoroughly explained the differences between two models he recommends and then had me sit in both models prior to making my final decision. Since I have never owned a pool, Mike patiently and with great detail explained the differences between pool constructions, chlorine vs salt generator, sand filter vs canister filters, and a deal too good to pass on a heater. His expertise made our decision process easier and more informed. After listening to Mike and looking at the construction displays in the showroom, it was obvious the resin pool was the way to go especially if going with a salt generator.

Then during one of the wettest and craziest Spring in years, which included getting 2 feet of snow the day after Spa delivery, everyone at Concord continued to pres forward and work with anyone who was ready to go. After plowing my entire backyard before Ralph came out, completed his site survey and ordered all pool materials to be delivered so my project was ready to go. As soon as the weather allowed, an excavation crew showed up to dig the hole and Jimmy was there the following day in a parka ready to start pool construction. During a month and a half delay for concrete due to weather, Mike was in constant communication keeping me informed of my position in line and asking what my schedule was making sure we didn't miss an opportunity to get the cement poured. Now after the cement was poured, we went into our electrical waiting list. During this time, we were contacted by Dale who wanted to make sure the pool water didn't get out of control and had his department come out a couple times to clean and chlorinate the pool until the salt generator would be ready to go.

The other amazing thing about dealing with Concord is how long their subcontractors have been working for Concord, making them an invaluable asset in the pool construction, as well as, how Concord holds their subcontractors accountable. My first electrician failed to show up at our scheduled time. After calling Concord a new electrician was recommended and the previous one was taken off my project. Bill, who poured the cement, made outstanding suggestions on the shape of the concrete border around the pool, which once again added to the beauty and function of our pool. John, our new electrician who connected our Spa and pool, recommended a lighting set-up and location of outside outlets around the pool, which once again added to the function and enjoyment of our pool. Finally, the complete the entire pool project, Concord recommended Chris of AFSCO fencing. Chris, just like the previous two guys, was a tremendous help, and his suggestion of combining the privacy fence with the fence we originally picked not only saved us money but immediately gave us the privacy we were looking for from the street.

Finally, three months after purchasing my pool, the pool was complete and we were ready for our demonstration. I totally understand there was nothing Concord could have done to complete my pool and quicker, but the reason I am writing this letter is because of the way Concord handled the delay. Mike Minogue was there from beginning to end, every step of the way. I know without a doubt, I was not the only frustrated customer calling and asking when my pool would be completed, but every time I called- whoever I talked to treated me professionally and I felt they were actually concerned with whatever issue I had that day. In today's day and age when customer service is scarce, it seems to permeate throughout the entire Concord Team.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to excellence! Our family is thoroughly enjoying our new pool.

David and Tanya

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