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Pool Opening

1. Start removing excess debris & water as ice begins to melt through spring. If you don’t have a safety cover leave 1 – 2 inches of water to keep the cover from blowing off. The pool should be refilled to mid skimmer level as water is being pumped off the top of the cover.

2. Remove water bags & cover. Lay out to dry. If you have a safety cover completely dry the cover and fold it accordion style to make it easy to put the cover on in the fall. Consider purchasing a large Rubbermaid container or garbage pail with a lid to protect against rodent damage.

3. Remove Plugs (Return & Skimmer) and install directional eyeballs.

4. Replace plugs in pump, filter, heater, etc.

5. Prime pump and start. (Add DE or Fiber Clear if DE Filter). Add start up Chemicals.

6. Remount ladders, rails, board, etc

7. Fold cover and roll bags, store in a cool dry place if possible.

8. Within a week, have water tested for proper chemical balance.

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